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The most widely installed roofs in the commercial roofing industry, mechanically attached systems are an ideal choice for buildings that experience mild to moderate winds due to a lightweight and easy-to-maintain system. Mechanically attached systems are held in place by the plates and fasteners that are secured through the membrane and into the deck.

Fully adhered roof systems offer the highest degree of stability and uplift protection and are essential for high elevations or hurricane-prone areas where wind is a constant concern. Fully adhered systems are ideal for roofs with unusual or odd-shaped contours, where mechanical penetration of the membrane is not desirable, yet exceptional wind performance is needed.

Ballasted roof system area an extremely economical choice for large, wide-open rooftops, because of their fast and easy installation. A popular choice for large retail stores and warehouses, ballasted systems feature a loose-laid membrane that is covered and held in place by river stone or pavers. The ballast helps to shield the membrane from inclement weather and extend the life of the roof. Also it helps to reduce cooling costs.