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  Subject   SuperGuard Catches Global Customers` Eyes
  Date   11.18. 2008   Hit   2572

WONPOONG Corporation announced they made an agreement about exporting SuperGuard (about
200,000m2) to PODRIYAD, RUSSIA Construction Company every year.

Its quantity is almost same as WONPOONG supplied SuperGuard to domestic companies for last
year. SuperGuard will be used as the roofing material of a building in east area of Russia.

WONPOONG person says, “ Mostly, Russia companies have used the roofing material of Europe.
We acquired the order by competing with a German company. We expect additional order afterward.”
WONPOONG also supplied SuperGuard(10,000m2) to BASEL, Europe multinational company, in
Guangzhou, China by competing with FLAG and FIRESTONE companies.

Compare with Europe and imported goods, the thickness of SuperGuard is quite equal and
weatherability and intensity are excellent as well as price which is cheaper by 20~30%.

Currently, WONPOONG gets many contact from east countries. As people prefer using light and
eco-friendly products, WONPOONG expects to sell 100,000 m2 SuperGuard this year.

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